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The Future of Home Technology, circa 2016

by Lori Cunningham


I recently had the opportunity to attend the CEDIA Expo, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association trade show, in Indianapolis.  CEDIA went to great effort and expense to build a model of how a home would function using technology in the year 2016.  Much of the technology is available now, however, some of it is in the testing phases and much of it is pricey.  The prices will decline with more demand and as more manufacturers make the needed parts.  As a blogger and member of the press, I was given a private tour of CEDIA’s Intuitive Home of 2016 before the CEDIA Expo began.  I included some video footage from some of the rooms to give you an idea how your future rooms could function.

Fast Forward 2016  


The Workout Room

With the use of sensors, lighting and music can be increased or decreased depending upon your activity.  For example, when you step on a treadmill, the lights dim, change color, and faster music turns on.  

The Home Office

The Home Office will be dramatically improved with motion sensors identifying when you are approaching your desk.  Your monitor turns on with multiple inputs of activity to view all at the same time.  Conference calls will be fast, more integrated into your day, greatly alleviating the need for face-to-face travel.

The Kitchen

In the near future, ceramic/travertine/granite back splashes will be a thing of the past.  Instead we will have splash screens which are touchscreens to access the Internet, show the kids artwork, allow you to watch videos and follow recipes, etc.  For more really cool technology features in the kitchen see Future Home Technology for the Kitchen.

Aging in Place – The Bedroom

Nearly 80% of seniors over 60 years old live on their own.  (1)  Today’s seniors are more independent and want to live in their homes as long as possible.  With the average life expectancy of 74 for men and 80 for women, this independence worries many of their children.  How can you afford your parents’ independence yet ensure they are safe?  There are an amazing array of tools available now…and coming in the near future to give off-site caregivers peace of mind.

There are some exciting things being made available for our homes in the future.  I foresee the splash touchscreens being used throughout the house…in the kids bedrooms, laundry room, even bathrooms.  We’ll probably start seeing them pop up sooner in retail stores as well.
One of CEDIA Expo’s keynote speakers was futurist Dr. Michio Kaku, a famous theoretical scientists with a zest for completing Albert Einstein’s unified filed theory and predicting trends.  He had a lot to say and I will be summarizing his thoughts in a future post.
Which room of your house would you most like to see futurized?


(1)  http://wellconnectedmom.com/blog/2011/09/09/worried-about-your-parents-sonamba-gives-you-peace-of-mind/

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