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Remote Control Shower?

by Lori Cunningham


Yes, it’s true.  Now you can turn on your shower to get it at just the right temperature…from the comfort of your bed!  Moen’s ioDIGITAL Shower System finally puts you in control of  hot water in your shower, rather than vice-versa.  I saw this at a home show for the home builders trade and I was amazed…what will they think of next?

As we were building our new house, I made sure the Moen ioDIGITAL shower was installed.  It’s been a long process since we started the house, but I’m pleased to say, it’s finally done…well, about 98% done.  We just moved into our well connected home 1 1/2 months ago.  Which means, you’ll be hearing from me as I begin using all of the fun technology we put into the house.







You’re in Control

The remote control comes with a mount so you can mount it on a wall if desired.  It also comes with a magnet in case you have a metal surface you’d like to attach it to.  The remote has an on/off power button and four preset buttons.  Just press your button and the water will warm up to your desired preset.  The remote control can work up to 30 feet away.



Preset Your Temp

The Moen ioDIGITAL shower system as a lot of great features…more than just being controllable by remote.  It includes four presets – so up to four members of your family can set a preset with just the right amount of heat and water flow.  This means you no longer have to move the temperature handle back and forth every time time you shower to get the right temperature.  What if you want to adjust it after you’re in?  No problem, you can easily move the digital knob to your desired temperature.


Adjust the Flow

Like a strong shower flow when you shower?  You can adjust the water flow to your desired strength.  Just turn the water flow dial and the LED lights will flash to let you know your desired water flow is ready.  The ioDIGITAL  Shower head comes with a nice sized 7″ diameter rain shower.  Moen states they have an advanced, self-pressurizing Immersion rain shower that produces three times more spray than most rain showers.  This is my first rain shower, and I was nervous the flow was going to be weak.  But I can tell you, the flow is very good, I’ve been very impressed.  The Moen ioDIGITAL produces a great spray and with very good coverage.

The Pause Button

Don’t you wish you could put life on pause sometimes?  While that’s not possible, it is with your Moen ioDIGITAL shower.  And for the Green conscientious, press the shower’s pause button and you can shampoo or shave without wasting water.  Press the pause button again when you’re done.  I’ve used this feature to put the shower on pause BEFORE I got into the shower.  After it warmed up to the right temperature, I put it on pause to do something really quick for my kids.  It will stay on pause for a minute or two, then turn off.


But Wait, There’s More

Vertical Spa Shower

In case you’re looking for something a little more robust, Moen also created the ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa Shower.  Features include:

  • bright lcd screen that displays exact temperature
  • 7″ diameter rain shower shower head
  • Moen’s advanced, self–pressurizing Immersion™ rain shower technology channels water through the shower head with three times more spray power than most rain showers
  • four–function handheld showerhead provides a superior shower experience with personalized settings hand shower
  •  hand-shower  slide bar

The Vertical Spa Shower includes a LCD screen to give you more information and control over your experience:


The ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa Shower screen shows that the 2nd preset is on at a temperature of 101 degrees.

This ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa Shower screen shows that the rain shower head is being used, not the hand shower or body sprays.













Yes, believe it or not, there’s actually an ioDIGITAL system available for the bathtub.  This system is a bather’s dream.  The ioDIGITAL control is nearly the same as for the shower except it has three presets and a lock button.  The lock button is a safety feature so when used, kids cannot turn on the tub water.

What I LOVE about the IODIGITAL for the  bathtub is that not only are you presetting the desired water temperature, but also how much water you want in the tub during your bath.  So when you’re ready for a bath, just press your preset number and when the desired water level and temperature is completed, the water turns off automatically!  Isn’t that great?  And wait, it gets better.  If you buy the optional remote control, you can be in the kitchen and press your preset button.  By the time you get to the bathtub, it will be ready, waiting for you.  Love it!


How Much?

The MRSP for the Shower with remote is $1,641.90 (ORB oil rubbed bronze, other finishes are less).  The remote retails for 178.60.  The Vertical Spa Shower ORB retails for$2,832.95, including a remote.  The high arc Roman Tub controls sell for $2,433.50 in ORB.

This is what the meat of the ioDIGITAL system looks under the cover.



The ioDIGITAL Shower and Bath systems need electricity, so you will need to have an electrical outlet near the shower/bath.  You will need a professional plumber and electrician to install the system.  You will also need to ensure there is a removable panel so you can get to the controls in case of an issue.  We put a framed picture over our access panel so that it was hidden.

A Homeowner’s Perspective

Excessive?  Well, yes.  Convenient?  YES!  I’m telling you, it’s so nice to lie in bed, click on your remote, and have your shower water warmed up for you before you step into the shower.  Then, once in the shower, you can enjoy just the right temperature because you pressed your preset button on the remote.  Even if you don’t have the remote, you  can still press your preset button to ensure the hot water warms to just the right setting.  I have never had a rain shower shower head before – and certainly never a shower head bigger than 3 inches.  I have really been enjoying the 7 inch shower head.  I feel like my showers are quicker now because my shampoo rinses out much faster than with my previous shower head.

If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury and a ton of convenience, the Moen ioDIGITAL showers and bath controls are a must do.



*  I was given a Moen ioDIGITAL Shower System with remote in exchange for my honest opinion.  I purchased the ioDIGITAL Vertical Shower system on my own.

6 comments to Remote Control Shower?

  • I want one of these! I am a huge gadget freak and this is right up my street but also very practical too. Might be slightly out of my price range though unfortunately.

  • Michelle Salvatore

    I am thinking of installing this in our new home for my daughter with disabilities because she cannot control the temp of the shower or turn it on or off by herself…she can however press a button

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  • conserving dad

    I wonder if I can use this to turn off the water when my kids waste shower water. We are in an exceptional drought, and I can’t just walk into my teenagers shower and turn it off when what should be a 5 min. shower turns to 30 min. Can it be used for this purpose?

    • Lori Cunningham

      I love your thinking here. There is no automatic way to do this, however, you can turn it off with the remote control!!!! I have found that it does turn off automatically after about 20 minutes or so.

  • Thank GOD i have digital technology to tell me that I am using the “RAIN” shower head while I am using the “RAIN” shower head and thank GOD I have this thing to tell me its a little cooler than usual cause I otherwise would not know I am a little cool ! ! !