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Five Top Trends in the Future of TV


skyrock image:  http://derniers-inventions.skyrock.com/2318324277-future-3D-t-V.html

I recently had the opportunity to attend IMS Research’s 2-day TV 3.0 Conference in Los Angeles.   The conference was designed for industry movers and shakers and the theme was Innovations in TV and Content Delivery.

The old faithful TV has been changing over the years.  Back in the old days, you’d have to get up from your seat to turn the channels.  Remote controls didn’t exist.  Today, you can change the TV channels with your TV remote, universal remote, even your phone!  What was once an incredibly bulky and heavy piece of furniture is now slim, lighter in weight, richer in color and a wall hanging!

We live in exciting times.  With today’s technologies, our lives are more connected than anytime in history.  So what is on the horizon for TV’s?

A number of major trends for TV are evident:

  1. TV/Web Integration – gives consumers what they want – the best of broadcast TV along with their favorite content from the Internet.  Google TV is doing this now by providing shows/movies available online as well as through cable/satellite when a consumer searches for a show.
  2.  TV Everywhere – let’s face it, we are a people “on the go.”  Having to sit down in one room to watch your DVR recorded shows is not always easy.  If you’re watching a show in the family room and want to see it where you left on in the bedroom, wouldn’t that be great.  This is possible today.  But what about continuing to watch that same show while waiting at the dentist office, or watching it while you’re waiting for your car to be washed?  This will be possible in the near future through the use of your tablets, laptops, and cellphones.
  3. Personalization – with the expansion of available content and shows through cable/satellite and the Internet, it’s getting incredibly harder to find precisely the show you’re looking for.  A number of companies are working to make it easier for consumers to search for their fave shows by showing them when the show is scheduled through broadcast and if the show is available on the spot through services like Blockbuster and Netflix.
  4. Social Network’s Role in the Future of TV  Today you can get Facebook and Twitter on Internet-enabled TV’s, but the features are limited in what you can do with it.  How would you like to see if other Facebook Friends are watching the same show as you and communicate to them in real time?  How would you like to participate with brands during a show to play a relevant interactive game or try to win a contest?  These features are coming.
  5. 3D TV is here to stay  I have been one of the skeptics of 3D TV since I saw it introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year.   After all, who wants to pay the extra cost for the TV or wear the glasses?  And how many movies/TV shows have actually already been developed in 3D to watch?  Due to ESPN’s adoption of 3D TV, consumers are seeing the beauty of having their favorite sports heroes “pop” out of the screen.  In a study conducted by CBS Vision and Nielson, they found that of consumers exposed to 3D TV, 48% were interested in having a 3D set in their home.   As price points continue to decline and more innovative 3D shows are prevalent, it appears likely that 3D TV’s will become popular.  The next biggest hurdle is the glasses – consumers don’t enjoy wearing them.  But even today, a couple of manufacturers have figured a way to create a 3D TV without the need of glasses.

Just bought a new TV and worried that you won’t be able to take advantage of these TV advances?  Not to worry.  Many of these new advances will take place on set top boxes and other devices that will connect to your TV.

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