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Microsoft’s Home of the Future

by Lori Cunningham

You have already seen the changes that are happening to our homes.  We can connect to our computers or phones to see our pictures, music, videos, etc. on our TV screens.  TV’s are now “Internet enabled” so we can obtain information from our favorite websites on our TV’s.    We are using our phones to set the air conditioner temperature, check who is at the front door, control our pool settings, etc.  3D has come out of the theaters and into our homes.  Robot vacuums clean our floors so we don’t have to.

There has never been a more exciting time in history with regards to technology and the home.  With technology manufacturing costs going down, homeowners are able to afford home technology gadgets like never before.  Gadgets the Jetsons’ took for granted are now becoming more commonplace in our homes after much anticipation.

I am a Microsoft fan and I am always interested in seeing how Microsoft sees the connected home shaping up in the future.  I found this video on YouTube which shows some pretty incredible possibilities.  I’ve seen some of the technologies demonstrated in this video already – though not nearly as advanced as shown here.

Watch this video to see how kitchen counters and tables are transforming and how your teenagers room will never look the same.

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